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    Several years ago friends of mine and I took a challenge to create a children’s story every single month and present it to those who wished to hear them.  That worked for the first few months until we discovered exactly how much time it took to create them.  It didn’t stop us from creating; it just slowed down a little. Our views on writing children’s stories didn't change though. Those who have helped us agree- Children should be read to and the stories shouldn't have to cost an arm, leg and a pocket book. Every child, no matter where they are should be able to enjoy stories.


      All of the stories had in common a message that parents could explore with their child, or questions that the child could discuss with the parents regarding issues that are very important.   Many of the stories now have been uploaded to a wonderful website that allows the readers to download them into Microsoft word for their own use, or enjoy them on the web page for free.



At the beginning of August of this year a decision was made to expand from the books into products that could be used to support the creation of these books, and various causes.  You will find the links to the right of the page. Please donate directly through the links  This is the best wild life hospital in the world.  Please follow the link and donate directly to them. The money will be well spent, and help so many innocent creatures.




Anthony T. "Tony" Ruszkowski memorial fund. Please follow internal link for more information on the golfing fundraiser.  You may find Anthony’s obit here.

 A portion of the sales from Tiny Huggles store will be donated to Tony's memorial fund.